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What is ? is a free online handbook giving explanations, design methods and operational tips on the most common unit operations and equipment found in Industries processing powders.

It gives materials for Engineers who, around the world, have to design, operate or troubleshoot a powder handling process.

Would you be a confirmed Engineer, a new graduate looking for information on the process he has 1st to work on, or a student, please access below articles on unit operations and equipment that, we hope, will be useful for you. also hosts Process Engineer's Tools, a new online ressource for Process Engineers, not limited to Powder Processing - This subsite is still in development.

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Agglomeration handbook

# Mechanisms of agglomeration

Extrusion Process & Technology handbook

# Extrusion : powder / granule feeding systems

Process Engineer's Tools (beta)

Process Engineer's Tools is a subsite of widening the ressources available to the whole Process Engineering art. The subsite is still in development, new pages are uploaded every month !

Pumps Piping Compressors
# Pump performances - characteristics
# Pump performances - modification of the characteristics
# Pump Head
# Pump Power
# Pump NPSH
# Cavitation
# Pump operation in parallel or series
# Pump full torque load
# Minimum flow centrifugal pump
# Temperature rise in pumps
# Friction factor - Churchill equation
# Friction factor - Colebrook equation
# Fanning and Moody friction factor
# Flow Regime
# Fluid Velocity
# Restriction Orifice calculation
# Equivalent length valves and fittings
# K coefficients valves and fittings
# Hydraulic Diameter
# Hydrostatic Pressure
# Torricelli formula
# Reynolds Number
# Friction factor
# Pipe pressure drop calculations
# Valves types
# Valves CV and sizing for liquid and gas
# Valves CV and sizing for steam and superheated steam
# Valves CV and sizing for 2 phases flow
# Valves CV and sizing for laminar flow
# Valves flow characteristics
# Partially filled pipe
# Safety Valve sizing - Gas flow
# Safety Valve sizing - Gas flow low pressure / vacuum
# Safety Valve sizing - Liquid flow
# Conversion Cv and Kv flow coefficients
# Compressors power
# Compressor temperature elevation
# Reciprocating compressors capacity
# Sound velocity calculation
# Compression ratio, pressure and flow coefficient

Vacuum systems Electrical Engineering Thermodynamics
 In Development
In Development
Ideal Gas Law definition and calculations related
Mixture of gases / Dalton's Law
Behavior of real gases
Equation of states
Vapor pressure
Liquid - Vapor equilibrium : ideal mixtures / Raoult's Law
Liquid - Vapor equilibrium : non ideal mixtures
Flash equilibrium calculation of a mixture
Heat conduction through walls
Heat conduction through pipes
Overall heat transfer coefficient conduction + convection
Wall temperature profile calculation
Heat flow rate calculation
Shell Tube Heat Exchanger Design - Pressure drop calculation on the tubes side
Shell Tube heat exchangers : calculation of correction coefficients for shell side heat transfer (Bell Delaware)
Plate Heat Exchangers design : calculation method
Plate Heat Exchangers design : Pressure drop calculation

Air Psychrometrics
Data, Diagrams and calculation tools
# Absolute Air Humidity
# Relative Air Humidity
# Humid Air Specific Heat Capacity
# Humid Air enthalpy
# Air Viscosity
# Dust Explosion physical characteristics
Molecular weight
Isentropic coefficients
Density and molecular weight of common materials
Bulk Density, particle density and mean particle size of common bulk solids and powders
Permeability and deaeration rates of common materials
Critical Pressure and Temperature of common materials
Antoine coefficients table for common pure substances
Valve flow characteristics calculation
Psychrometric chart - Mollier diagram
Surface roughness of common materials
Steam tables - Saturated steam
Viscosity of gases

About us has been built specifically for the professional having to deal with industrial Powder Processes, either regularly or occasionally

The content is built from the expertise of the author who has 10 years of experience in the field of Process Engineering and especially Powder Processes

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