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Big Bag tipping station

Tipping of Big Bags safely, fast and without dust emission.


Air mover for pneumatic conveying. Reaching right level of volumetric throughput and pressure.

Conveying pipes

Piping for pneumatic transport, with the right pipe connections according to the need.


Air - solid separations at any point of the process where air needs to be vented or admitted.

Load Cells

Weight measurement for dosing, stock control or only for indication.


Protection against foreign bodies by trapping metal particles


Adding value by mixing different solids together, reaching a desired homogeneity

Pipe diverters

Reaching different destinations with one conveying line

Screw conveyors

Dosing and conveying by mechanical means

Rotary valves

Dosing by specifically designed pneumatic activated valves

Star Valve

Bringing powder from one zone of pressure to another, especially for pneumatic transport

Vibrating sieve

Protecting the process against foreign bodies larger than a certain size

Vibrating tube

Dosing and transporting solids thanks to controlled vibrations

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