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Mixer tip speed

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Section summary
1. How to calculate the tip speed of a mixing tool
2. Why to calculate tip speeds ?

1. How to calculate the tip speed of a mixing tool ?

The tip speed of the mixer's agitator - sometimes also called mixing tool - can be calculated the following way

Equation 1 : Tip Speed calculation

Calculation of Tip Speed of Mixer

With :
- R is the radius of the mixing tool (center of shaft to tip of paddle) in m
- n is the mixing speed in rpm

2. Why calculating the tip speed ?

The tip speed of the mixer is a very important data to determine the mixing regime thanks to the Froude Number but also to verify that the agitator speed is not exceeding 1 m/s whenever the mixture in its explosivity range (ATEX), typically when loading and discharging the mixer. The mixer speed in rpm at which the tip speed equals 1 m/s is called the ATEX speed of the mixer.


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