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Solids properties and flow

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This index gives access to all the basics knowledge interesting to Process Engineers in the field of powder properties, powder flow / flowability, silo design... 

Powder / bulk solids properties and flowability

Powder properties

Review of main powder properties that an Engineer must consider to design a bulk solids handling process

Silo Design and Calculation

Step by step procedure on how to design a silo from known flow properties of bulk solids

How to solve flow problems in silos

Root causes of flow issues, blockages, arching, bridging, rathole in hoppers and how to overcome them

Mass flow and funnel flow silos

Definition and differences in between mass and funnel flow silos

Hopper and silos discharge rate calculation

How to calculate the flow of powder out of a silo

Particle density

Apparent particle density definition and measurement

Bulk density

Bulk particle density definition and measurement

Skeletal density

Skeletal density definition and measurement

PSD - Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Distribution PSD definition and measurement


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