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PowderProcess .net is also gathering information on filling machines for powders, extrusion processes, solids / gas separation and solids / metal separation, which constitutes areas in which Engineers have typically questions but free, accessible sources are quite scarce. Our Engineering Guide gives access to all knowledge interesting to Process Engineers in those fields.


Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines VFFS (Powder filling systems)

Vertical filling machine are a popular design found all across industries filling materials in small packaging. It is used in chemicals (detergents) and especially food industries to fill any kind of powders, and sometimes some more granular materials (candies).

Film unwinding

The packaging material used in bulk powder filling operation with VFFS or HFFS fillers is delivered in rolls (or reels), that usually make several hundred meters. In order to be able to use this film, it must be unrolled. It is the operation done in the film unwinding section (or unwinder) of a form, film and seal filling machine.

Forming tubes

The 1st part of the filling process consists in unwinding the film, tensioning it and aligning it. However, at the end of this process, the film is still flat. It is thus necessary to fold the film in a way that it can take the shape of the final packaging, be filled and sealed properly. This is the function of the forming tube to convert the film to a tubular shape.

Pouch sealing

After forming a bag shape in a filling machine, thanks to the forming collar and forming tube, it is necessary to seal the bag so that it can hold and protect the material to fill. At minimum, it is required to perform 2 seals (some machines can fill some sachets and make a 3 side seal).

Auger and cup dosing

This page is focusing on the most common technologies that can be proposed by filling packing manufacturers for filling powders in packaging designed for retail business. The filling of bulk product, in 25 kg bags or in bigger supersacks is not discussed here.

Filling machine troubleshooting

Managing the filling process is thus a key focus for every factory operators handling bulks solids. This page is focusing on filling machines designed with an Auger filling system or a cup dosing system and discusses key problems that can happen on the line and how to solve them.


HFFS machines are automated to reach filling capacities relevant for industries and thus equipped with multiple components that must be activated in a coordinated way in order to have a proper filling. As this type of machine is quite widespread in industries, engineers wishing to know more about HFFS machine will find in this page information.


Extrusion : powder / granule feeding systems

This page is focusing on how to design and operate the bulk solids feeders at the inlet of an extrusion process.

Solids / Gas Separation

Bag filter breakage detection

The use of pressure differential sensors but also more original options, such as triboelectricity measurement, can be used to detect damages of a filter baghouse that could lead to leakage of powder. This page explores those different possibilities but also how to prevent and mitigate damages to filter bags.


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