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Solids Milling Engineering Guide

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A free online Engineering Guide to the powder & granulates milling technologies and principles.

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What is powder milling ? How to mill solids ? Our Powder milling Engineering Guide gives access to all knowledge interesting to Process Engineers in the field of bulk solids size reduction to answer questions related to design or operations of milling processes.

Milling of powder and solids

Hammer mills

All you need to know about hammer mills, a very common milling machine found in process industries. What is a hammer mill ? What is the principle of operation of a hammer mill ?

Jet mills

All you need to know about hammer mills, a milling machines found especially in pharma or cosmetics to get very fine powders. What is a jet mill ? What is the principle of operation of a jet mill ?

Lump Breakers

How to deal with lumps in powders ? How to crush lumps ? How is designed a lump breaker ?


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