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PROCESS SAFETY HANDBOOK Dust explosion physical propertiesMIE - Minimum Ignition Energy of dustMIT - Minimum Ignition Temperature of dust SIT - Self Ignition Temperature of dust layers MEC - Dust Minimum Explosive Concentration Powder resistivityCharacteristics of dust explosion Pmax and Kst Factors influencing dust explosionsATEX dust explosion : zones classificationIgnition sources of dust cloud Bulk powder electrostatics hazardsDust explosion risks due to mechanical sparks or hot spots Dust explosion risks due to welding and cutting activitiesElectrical equipment in ATEX dust explosion zonesGood housekeeping, avoid secondary explosionsDust explosion prevention and mitigationDust explosion ventingDust explosion vent : sizingDust explosion isolationDHA and NFPA 652An example of DHA (NFPA 652)ATEX dust explosion risk assessmentAn example of ATEX dust explosion risk assessmentATEX safety of milling systemsATEX safety of pneumatic transport systems Big Bag Handling Safety Rotary Equipment Safety