All types of pumps, head, NPSH, power, cavitation and more

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Classification of pumps
Head and pressure
Temperature rise
Pneumatic transport
Recommended pneumatic transport velocities

Pumps - Performance characteristics

Introduction to performance characteristics charts of pumps and how to use them

Pumps - Performance characteristics changes

How performance of the pump changes depending on the circuit it is connected to

Pumps – Efficiency

Determine efficiency of pumps, use efficiency to calculate pump power...etc...

Pumps – Power Requirements

Calculation of the power required for a pump for a give duty

Pumps – Head

Introduction to pump head, determine the pump head

Pumps – NPSH

Introduction to pump NPSH, determine the pump NPSH, design to avoid cavitation

Pumps – Cavitation

Introduction to pump cavitation, why it happens and how to avoid it

Pumps - Classification of pumps and area of use

Selecting the right pump type and chose in between centrifugal and positive displacement pump

Pumps – Pump head and pressure

Converting pump head to pressure and pressure to pump head

Pumps – Temperature rise in pumps

Calculation of the temperature rise in a pump

Pumps – Parallel or Series operation

Head and flowrate calculations for pumps in parallel or series

Pneumatic transport and conveying – Types of pneumatic transport

Dilute phase and dense phase pneumatic conveying line

Pneumatic transport and conveying – Recommended transport velocity

Recommended velocity to transport solids in pneumatic transport lines