Reynolds number

Item Data
Formula For circular pipes only
Calculation Reynolds Number circular pipe
Nomenclature Re=Reynolds number for circular pipe (adimensional)

D=diameter of pipe (m)

<u>=mean velocity (straight section) (m/s)

ρ=Volumic mass of the liquid (kg/m3)
μ=Dynamic viscosity (Pa.s)
Usual values Re<2100 : laminar regime
2100<Re<4000 : intermediary regime
Re>4000 : turbulent regime
Related Reynolds number for stirred reactor
Calculation Reynolds Number circular pipe
Re<10 : laminar regime
10<Re<10000 : intermediary regime
Re>10000 : turbulent regime

D=diameter of agitator (m)
N=agitator speed (rps)
Source Mecanique et Rheologie des fluides en genie chimique, Noel Midoux, Lavoisier Tec et Doc, page 139, page 246