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Free Excel calculation tools for Process Engineers

Access and download for free

Process Tools has developed free Excel calculation tool that can be downloaded. Those calculation tools cover key calculations that Engineers have to do all along their work and career. New tools are added regularly.

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Engineering Excel Calculation tools

Disclaimer : all these tools are only aiming at illustrating the content of the website, THEY CANNOT BE USED for DETAIL DESIGN, always link with a reputable supplier for detail design

Pressure drop Excel calculation tool for incompressible flow

Pressure drop Excel calculation tool for compressible flow, non choked

Churchill friction factor calculation tool

Pressure Safety Valve Sizing tool - Pressure Gas flow

CV valve calculation tool - Liquid, gas and steam

Orifice flow and pressure drop calculation tool

Pipe partially full

Pump temperature rise calculation tool

Speed of sound calculation tool

From our sister website, special tools related to bulk handling can be downloaded also for free :

Pneumatic conveying - Dilute Phase - Air only method

Pneumatic conveying - Dilute Phase - Rhodes method

Pneumatic conveying - Dilute Phase - Zenz Othmer method

Cyclone design calculation tool