Compressor Temperature Elevation

Item Data
Formula For 1 compressor stage

Calculation Temperarure Elevation in Compressor

Note : in case of multi staged compressor, if the compression ratio of each stage is unknown, it can be assumed at 1st approximation that τone stage1/n
Nomenclature T1=Temperature entry compressor (K)
p1=Initial pressure (bar abs)

T2=Temperature outlet compressor (K)
p2=Final pressure (bar abs)

n=number of compression stages

Cp=Specific Heat at Constant Pressure (kJ/kg.K)
Cv=Specific Heat at Constant Volume (kJ/kg.K)
Usual values For air Cp/Cv=1.4
Source Pneumatic Conveying Design Guide, David Mills, Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, 2004