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Air Viscosity

1. Air viscosity at ambient temperature
2. Air Viscosity in between -100 and 500°c
3. Air viscosity variation with pressure

1. Air viscosity at ambient temperature

What is the viscosity of air ?

The viscosity of air, at atmospheric pressure is the following :
  • Air viscosity at 0°c = 0.01722 mPa.s
  • Air viscosity at 25°c = 0.0186 mPa.s

2. Air viscosity in between -100 and 500°c

How the air viscosity change with temperature ?

The air viscosity depends on the temperature and is increasing with the temperature. The evolution of air dynamic viscosity with the temperature is illustrated by the graph below.

Air viscosity as a function of temperature from -100 to 500 celsius

3. Variation with pressure

How the air viscosity vary with pressure ?

The viscosity is increasing with the pressure. To estimate the viscosity of air according to the pressure, abacus using reduced pressure and reduced temperature can be used for an estimation.