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Process Engineer's Tools has been imagined as the extension of its parent site,, with the same aim, supporting Engineers (and future Engineers !) working in the process industries, but with a broader scope.

Where was limiting itself to Powder Handling, Process Engineer's Tools aims at touching every aspect of the work of the process engineers.

In many aspects, the Process Engineer is the generalist doctor of the factory, he has to answer a wide variety of questions. It happens that some fields are less known than others, Process Engineer's Tools aims at giving a lifeline to the Process Engineers touching those subjects that may not be the core of their works, by offering a starting point.

Process Engineer's Tools is still in development, pardon the articles not yet available. It is an on going process, please check regularly the site where new ressources will be made online ! If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, please send a request to

Fluid Mechanics Thermodynamics Agitation and mixing Reaction Engineering Utilities Safety
Reynolds Number
Friction factor
Pipe Pressure Drop
Hydraulic Diameter
Hydrostatic Pressure
Pump Head Pump Characteristic
Pump Characteristic changes
Pump Cavitation
Pump parallel and series operation
Pump power
Torricelli formula
Compressor - Power
Compressor - Temperature elevation
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